Created by Sarah Conn and Allison O’Connor in partnership with STO Union.


Trophy is an episodic performance and installation built around stories of transformation. Audience members move through a constellation of 1 to 100 tents, depending on the venue.  Inside each tent is a person telling the story of a turning point in their life. These are true stories about moments when they experienced real change. Stories of loss, love, aging, careers and more fill the tents over the course of the production.  


Audience members circulate through the tents, and are encouraged to reflect on their own turning points and write their own stories on colourful transparencies. These transparencies are attached to the tents, transforming them into multi-coloured structures. The installation’s evolution is determined by the public’s interactions with it. Through each interaction, the installation is transformed into a living trophy or monument to all the experiences that make up our lives.  The light-filled tents becoming temporary beacons to a world in challenging times, showing the power of moments of beauty, intimate story, and connection.