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Allison O'Connor

Art Practitioner and Commissioner of Public Art



Allison O’Connor is a Franco-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and art administrator working at the intersection of ecology and public art. She is a recent MFA graduate from the School of Visual Arts of New York City, in Art Practice, receiving the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for her thesis writing. Her practice emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between artists, audiences, and the ecological context they occupy. She strives to generate artworks that consider the environment and its inhabitants by utilizing environmental sciences and consultative practices. This methodology is applied in her role as part of the City of Ottawa's Public Art Program, where she commissions and implements public art.


Allison is the co-creator of the internationally touring work Trophy
She is an apiarist, amateur archer, and mycology enthusiast. Her recent work focuses on the stewardship of seeds.


Public Art for Ecological Remediation - 2020

To create ecologically is to take stock of the materials in the space — ephemeral and physical materials; feelings, beings, frictions, rituals, traumas, relationships, politics, needs, and wants, all of which constitute an ecology of a space — a community. The philosophy elaborated in this document begins by outlining my motivations for making ecologically, followed by a supporting methodology for the creation of public art for ecological remediation. 

The following document received the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award.


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